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Hello my dear followers.

I am discontinuing Gallery Ex. It is a secondary blog and I’ve decided that in order for it to grow, it’s best that it is a primary blog. In light of this, I have created a new account, so that I can follow back etc. I’m sure you all the know the inconvenience of this feature of Tumblr.

This new blog can be found - here - and I hope to see you all there. Of course, I will follow you all back in honour of Tumblr etiquette.

Thank you,
Seán Rickard


An Art Show Tribute to David Lynch

In Dreams

1. Twin Peaks action figure collection by Max Dalton

2. This is the girl 1 & 2 by Allison Reimold

3. Acousticon by Jason D’Aquino

4. David’s Lunch by Joel Daniel Phillips

5. The Elephant Man by Joemur

6. Log Lady by Lauren Gregg

7. We Don’t Stop Here by Michael Ramstead

8. Blue Velvet by Shaun Lynch

9. A Case for Eugenics by Peter Adamyan

10. Strange Carnival by Jihn Wentz